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Have You Died

As many of you are aware I recently returned from a missions trip to Iraq. I was invited by World Compassion, Terry Law Ministries to join them and a number of leaders from Medicine Hat, United States and the U.K. The mission was instigated by the Kurdistan Regional Government who is having a vote for independence on September 25th, 2017. We were there to meet with high level government officials and church leaders to help them write into their new constitution religious freedoms. On Monday, August 21 we left under the protection of government and peshmerga soldiers to visit an area in the Ninevah Plains, a disputed territory between Kurdistan and Baghdad. As we came up to a check point manned by Shia Militia’s things got very quickly out of hand and our convoy was surrounded by approximately 100 Militia, greatly outnumbering the peshmerga soldiers who were with us. Things became very tense and around 100 rounds were shot of into the air. We were held for 50 minutes until high level people got involved and we were released. There is much more to the story but I want to get to my point. It was at that moment where I thought I may not make it out and would die that moment. But as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ am I not to die daily? Have I not given up my life to Christ so that it is no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me? My question to you as it was to me. Have you died? It is the call of Jesus upon our lives. Praise God!!


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