When a river floods its banks, the consequences are usually devastating for anyone or anything in the errant water’s path. While devastation certainly took place when the South Saskatchewan River flooded parts of Medicine Hat in the summer of 2013, an unexpected blessing rose along with the water. When the church building of Christ the King Assembly sustained significant damage as a result of the flood, the people of River Park Church invited the people of Christ the King Assembly to join them for worship until their building would be refurbished.

The ensuing six months of worshiping together was a truly blessed time of amazing unity. Many people expressed the sentiment that they were not looking forward to being separated once Christ the King’s building was refurbished. All this plus much prayer throughout this time led the respective leadership teams to seriously consider what they unanimously believed God was saying: “Bring these two churches together permanently for the greater good and my glory.”

Amalgamation of two separate corporate entities has required many steps including congregational votes and legal processes. Now, after more than two years of blending all of the ministries together, we continue to enjoy a treasured unity and God’s favor in every aspect of ministry – all for His glory!




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